How turmeric can bring prosperity? click here to know!


Consumption of turmeric has many effects on our body, turmeric is taken with food because turmeric is found to increase immunity. The digestive system remains fine with turmeric. By consuming turmeric with milk you can reduce swelling of the body, turmeric eliminates the pain of the body. At the time of fever, at the time of smallpox, after grinding raw turmeric and drinking it, all the grains of smallpox come out in the body. Turmeric is beneficial for cancer, arthritis, infection, cholesterol serum control, for the proper functioning of the liver and to avoid many other types of weakness and diseases.


Turmeric for beauty

Turmeric is used for health as well as beauty. Turmeric enhances the complexion of the body. Mixing turmeric with a face pack or coconut mustard oil, and bathing every day brightens the complexion. Applying raw turmeric on the face removes the stains and also ends the pimples on the face. Turmeric gives coolness and coolness to the body. In marriage, turmeric is mainly used to enhance the color of the body. 

Turmeric in worship

Turmeric is considered a sacred item for worship, without turmeric, there is no worship. In Hinduism, turmeric is necessary for worship, turmeric is used to offer to God. Turmeric is kept compulsorily in the worship of Lord Ganesha and Vishnu.


Turmeric for prosperity

In Hinduism, turmeric is also considered a symbol of prosperity. Offering turmeric to Lord Vishnu on Thursday and Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and wearing it in a yellow thread removes poverty.