Latest Study: 30 percent of corona infected may have long covid problem, these conditions increase complications


Globally, the ongoing corona infection and the complications caused by it are not taking the name of decreasing at the moment. In many countries of the world including India, there is a surge in corona cases once again. The new variants of Corona that have surfaced recently and their nature is worrying. Variants like XE are said to be highly contagious, from which experts advise people to take more precautions. Along with corona infection, the increasing cases of long covid have also become a cause of great challenge for the experts at this time.


Some people continue to experience a variety of health complications even long after recovery from a corona infection, this is known in medical parlance as 'long covid'. A team of scientists doing research in this regard has made a big claim. Researchers from the US-based University of California and Los Angeles (UCLA) found in the study that 30 percent of people infected with corona may be at risk of long covid. Long covid symptoms can range from mild to severe, with complications lasting from a few months to more than a year. Let us know about this study.

Know the danger of long Covid
In this study, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the researchers reported that certain conditions can cause the infected to develop a long covid or post acute sequel of covid-19 (PASC). In this, those who have needed hospitalization during infection, have been suffering from pre-diabetes or high body mass index problems, they may be at higher risk. Some cases of long covid have also been seen in asymptomatic infected, although such cases are very few.

What did the study find?
1,038 corona infected were included in this study conducted between April 2020 and February 2021, out of which 309 cases of Long Covid were reported. In these 309 people, the researchers experienced a variety of symptoms and complications of the disease. 31 per cent of those hospitalized due to infection reported fatigue and 15 per cent complications of shortness of breath in long covid. Of those who did not require hospitalization, 16 percent reported prolonged loss of smell.


What do experts say?
Regarding this study, Sun Yu, assistant professor of health sciences at the University of California, says, "This research shows that along with corona infection, we also need to pay special attention to the symptoms of long covid and its complications in patients. Is. Several factors like comorbidity, sociodemographic factor, vaccination and which variant he has been infected with, all play a special role in causing long covid. Even after recovery from the infection, patients and physicians must continue to follow up the condition.