Latest Kurti Designs: - latest designs of Kurti will give you a very modern look


In summer, most women prefer to wear comfortable clothes. That's why there are more varieties of Kurtis in the wardrobes of women. Because Kurti is such a garment, which women can wear in many ways? You can easily style anything with Kurti as Kurti goes well with everything. However, you get all kinds of Kurti designs in the market, which you can style according to your choice.

But many women do not wear readymade kurtas and get Kurti designs done from fabric. Although women understand the design of the neck or sleeves, the design of the circle is not particularly understood. If you also do not understand the design, then this article can be useful for you. Because today we have brought you the latest circle designs, which you can design from the outside. 

Net Kurti hoop design

You can give a trendy look to your circle to make your Kurti classy. However, you can wear net cloth or vine on a net circle or a plain Kurti. But for the last few days, a lot of trends in the net circle is being seen. Women can put a net bell on short or long Kurti. You can wear it on palazzo, sharara or pants. 


Side cut Kurti hoop design

You can give a side-cut design to its circle to make your plain Kurti stylish. Because nowadays a lot of trends are being seen from printed Kurti to simple kurta's site cut circle. However, you ladies can get the circle designed in many ways like button side cut circle, simple side cut circle, V-side cut circle etc.  

Bel Kurti Hoop Designs

You can put a vine on the border to make a simple circle a designer. You can apply bell not only on the circle, neck and sleeves of the Kurti. If you want to wear a palazzo, salwar or heavy dupatta with Kurti, then you can also make heavy designs with lace. You can also use 3 to 4 layers of gota on the circle of the Kurti. 

Cut Work Kurti Hoop Designs

You can get cutting work done on the circle to give a stylish look to your simple Kurti. Because nowadays different patterns of cutting work Kurti circles are in design trend. But if you like to wear Kurti in daily wear, then you can keep the circle of simple Kurti. 


Image Credit- (@Freepik and Amazon)  


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