Last Indian Village: Click here to know the last village of India from where Bhima built a bridge to go to heaven!


Although there are millions of villages in India, sometimes you must have been curious to know where is the last village in India? If you want to know, we tell you about it. The last village of India is in such a place in Uttarakhand, where you can go for a walk anytime. Whenever you go to see Badrinath God, then you just have to go three kilometers higher from there. Mana Village is situated at an altitude of three kilometers from Badrinath. Mana village is the last village in India. It is said that the connection of this village is also associated with the Mahabharata period. Let us tell you the special things related to the last village in India.


Pandavas went to heaven through this village

It is believed that the Pandavas had chosen this path to go to heaven. When the Pandavas reached Mana village on their way to heaven, the Pandavas asked for a way from the Saraswati river flowing here. On not getting the way, Bhima picked up two big rocks and placed them over the river, and built a bridge. Through this bridge, he crossed the river and proceeded. Even today, the Saraswati river flows at that place, which further joins the Alaknanda. Even today that bridge of rocks remains on the river. This bridge is known as 'Bhimpul'. If you go to this village, apart from the Bhima bridge, you will also have the privilege of seeing the extinct Saraswati river from everywhere.

'Hindustan's last shop' is present here

You will also find the last shop in the country in Mana village. On this shop, it is written in big letters 'Hindustan's last shop'. This is a tea shop. Tourists visiting this area definitely drink tea from this shop and take pictures in front of it. The border of China starts at some distance from this area. In this area, you will find all the soldiers patrolling.


The village has a population of 400 people

There are about 60 houses in this village and a population of 400 people lives here. Most of the houses are made of wood. The roof is of stone panels. It is said that these houses easily withstand the tremors of earthquakes. In these houses, people live on the upper floor and animals below. In the village, alcohol is prepared from rice at home. Apart from this, there are many such herbs in the village, which are considered good for health. Apart from all this, Ganesh cave and Vyas cave are also worth seeing here. It is said that Ganapati wrote the Mahabharata while sitting in this cave. After the closure of the doors of Badrinath Dham, the movement of people here stops completely.