LIC Policy: Invest in this policy of LIC, you will earn more money every month, know the complete details of the plan..


LIC Jeevan Akshay Policy: If you are planning to invest your money, then this news will prove to be very useful for you. If you want a big income after your retirement, then you can invest in this plan of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Due to this, you can earn about 36 thousand rupees every month. Due to this, you can easily bear the expenses of your house. Or can also do some important work. With this plan, LIC is allowing its investors to earn every month.


LIC Jeevan Akshay Policy
LIC Jeevan Akshay Policy scheme is being started once again by LIC. Under this policy, you can earn for life by paying only one instalment. Let us tell you that Jeevan Akshay's policy is a Single Premium Non-Linked Non-Participating and Personal Annuity Plan.

Understand the complete plan like this
In this policy, you will have to take the option of an Annuity Payable for life at a Uniform Rate to get Rs 36000 every month. In this, you will get a lump sum pension amount every month. If you are at the age of 45 and are going to take this plan, then choose the sum assured option of Rs 70 lakh, and then you will have to pay a lump sum premium of Rs 71,26,000. After investing in it, you will get a pension of Rs 36429 every month. If the person dies due to some reason, then the pension will stop.

People of this age can take advantage
People from 35 years to 85 years can take this plan of LIC. Apart from this, disabled people can take advantage of this policy. In this policy, you can take advantage of the option of getting a pension in 10 ways.

Will get pension every month
If you are 75 years old. So you will have to pay a lump sum premium of Rs.610800. On this, his sum-assured amount will be Rs 6 lakh. In this, the annual pension will be Rs 76 thousand 650, half-yearly pension Rs 37 thousand 35, and quarterly pension Rs 18 thousand 225. And the monthly pension will be 6 thousand rupees. Under the Jeevan Akshay plan, a pension of Rs 12000 is available annually


Low investment option will be available
You can invest a little money in this plan, then you will get a pension of Rs 12,000 annually. If you have more money to invest, then you can take other options. You can earn every month by investing just Rs 1 lakh. You will get Rs 12000 every year on an investment of Rs 1 lakh. There is no limit on the maximum investment in this scheme.