Korean Makeup Vs Indian Makeup: - Do you know the difference between Korean and Indian makeup, know what is popular


After Korean skincare, Korean makeup dominates the world. These days Korean makeup products are very much in trend in India. With the increasing popularity of K pop and K drama, women are choosing to follow the Korean makeup style. Most women resort to makeup to look beautiful. But every woman's style and way of doing makeup are different. Similarly, the style of doing the makeup of women in the two countries is also different.

Similarly, two different makeup trends are followed in Korea and India. In this article, we will tell you what is the difference between Korean and Indian makeup? Can Indian women wear Korean makeup? 

Korean vs Indian Eye Makeup 

There is a big difference in the way of doing Korean and Indian makeup. While Korean women prefer natural makeup look, Indian women like to go for a glam makeup look. Korean women give more importance to cute makeup. Talking about her eye makeup, her eyes are small while her eyebrows are big. In such a situation, she uses brown eyeshadow to make her eyes look bigger and completes her makeup by applying light eyeshadow and thin liner on the eyelid. If we talk about Indian eye makeup, then Indian women use kajal as well as apply thick liner. This gives a bold eye look. 

K Beauty Trends 

Talking about the beauty of the Korean makeup trend, Korean women like the cute and sweet look very much. Theyuse minimal makeup products on their face. They like to wear light and glowing makeup. Korean women use light colours like brown and orange shade for eye makeup, while completing their look with the help of lip gloss. 

What makeup do Indian women like

Indian women also prefer simple makeup. Indian women prefer to do makeup according to skin tone and face cut. Most women take more care of eye makeup. Especially using kajal is liked by most the women. So that she looks gorgeous. 

Korean and Indian Lip Makeup 

Korean girls have thin lips, they like to apply light coloured lipstick or lip balm. They like glossy lips more. On the other hand, Indian women prefer to apply lipstick in red and maroon colours. Apart from lipstick, Indian women also use lip liner. Talking about nude shade lipstick, pink, brown, and maroon nude shades are quite popular in India. On the other hand, Korean women prefer to use light shades. 

This is the difference between Korean and Indian makeup style 

The main difference between Korean and Indian girls is the way they do makeup. Korean women use light beauty products on the skin, while Indian women use creams and foundations on the face according to the skin tone. Korean women use light pink blush for a natural look, while Indian women pay more attention to eye makeup. 

Can Indian women wear Korean Makeup?

Along with Korean skincare tips, makeup trends can also be followed. Indian women can also use lip balm and soft pink blush for a sweet and cute look. Apart from this, Korean women can also use light glitter shade eyeshadow. 

There is a big difference in the way of beauty and makeup of both Korea and India which differentiates the makeup trends of both the countries. Let us tell you that both Indian and Korean girls use BB cream.

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