Know what your dinner should be like, but be careful if you are eating like this too, you will face many serious problems in future


This method of eating rice and chapati together is very old and is widely used in India. Most people eat rice and chapatti together whenever they eat.

But when the digestive system begins to weaken or the problem of weight loss arises, people want to know about this problem. Diet experts say that eating rice and chapatti together is not good for health. Let's find out now.

More calories are not easy to digest

Bread and rice together provide more calories to the body. This can make you feel heavier in the stomach. So sleep does not come at night. If you eat rice then eat only rice and if you eat bread then eat only bread

According to, why not eat rice and chapatti together? When such a question is asked, it is directly related to the calorie count. Because when it comes to eating rice and chapatti together, you are consuming a lot of calories. And when you eat a high-calorie diet, it puts more pressure on the digestive system.

Eating rice and chapatti together weakens the digestive power. At the same time, fat starts accumulating in our body and this leads to the problem of obesity.

If you are also doing something like this and want to lose weight then stop this method on time. Some research has shown that whenever you feel like eating rice and chapatti, you should eat both at the same time.


Eating too much rice is harmful
If you eat rice regularly then it can do you a lot of harm. This can make your stomach grow. You may also complain of indigestion and gas. It is important to avoid rice to avoid this.

People who suffer from flatulence after eating rice are advised not to eat rice at all. Because eating rice can cause them more trouble.

They also take longer to digest rice. Many people are allergic to rice. Patients with diabetes are advised not to eat rice. Also, patients with asthma should not eat rice. This can make it difficult to breathe.


There may be a problem with sugar
Eating bread and rice together and eating a lot of rice can increase obesity and sugar. . Once you have a sugar problem, life should be avoided in many ways. As the sugar rises, regular medication is required. It can also cause heart and kidney problems.

Both rice and chapatti contain folate. Both contain water-soluble vitamin B, which is good for DNA and other cells. Both contain the same amount of iron. But the amount of phosphorus and magnesium in rice was a little less than chapati. Phosphorus is required for the formation of red blood cells. Magnesium helps in controlling blood sugar.

Eat only bread at night

Dietitians and health experts believe that only bread should be eaten at night. Bread is easily digested. Digestion slows down at night, so eat light meals. If you eat rice with bread at night, it will be heavy. This causes stomach problems.

Eat only bread at night: - Dietitians and health experts believe that you should eat only bread at night because bread is easily digested by you, your digestion is slow at night so eat light food. It will be heavy for you if you eat rice with bread at night. This can cause stomach problems.

Eating rice can cause constipation
People who eat rice at night may have constipation. It can cause many diseases. On the other hand, eating rice at night causes excess water in the body of most people.

Problems of constipation by eating rice: - People who eat rice at night may have constipation problems. It can cause many diseases.


The rice is cold
The rice is cold. So it should be taken care of while eating. People who suffer from respiratory disease or asthma should avoid rice. Failure to do so may increase your risk of respiratory problems.

Our traditional food is very scientific. First, eat some rice with Tupa. Squeeze a little lemon on them. Doing so increases the interest of the tongue. Only after that eat chapatti or poli / roti. Polly is a little difficult to digest. If you are hungry for rice then go ahead and eat people. Lettuce and chutney enhance digestion and satisfy the stomach.