Kiwi Benefits: You will be surprised to know so many benefits of Kiwi, Know here...


Kiwi Fruits Health Benefits: Kiwi is such a fruit that is available in the market throughout the year, if it is kept in the category of superfood, then it will probably not be wrong because so many nutrients are found in it which are very important for your health. Even though its price in the market is slightly higher than many other fruits, but eating it by buying it will never prove to be a loss deal. Dr. Ayushi Yadav, a famous dietician working at GIMS Hospital, Greater Noida, told that how much kiwi can be useful to us and why it is important to eat it.


Nutrients found in Kiwi
The amount of calories in kiwi is very less, people who take special care of their fitness, they must eat kiwi. Potassium, vitamin C and fiber are found in this fruit, which benefits our body in many ways. It will be enough for you to eat a medium sized kiwi daily.

Benefits of eating kiwi
1. People who have heart disease are often advised to eat kiwi. This reduces the risk of heart attack.
2. If you have a complaint of high blood pressure, then definitely eat kiwi fruit, it will bring BP under control.
3. Due to being low in calories, it is not less than any medicine for diabetic patients. It lowers the sugar level
4. By eating kiwi, the body starts taking out toxins, whose positive effect starts showing on our skin.
5. Regular consumption of kiwi gives a wonderful glow on the skin and wrinkles disappear.
6. People who have stomach disturbances, they must consume kiwi regularly.

7. Kiwi can also help in healing stomach ulcers.
8. Kiwi is rich in iron and folic acid, which are beneficial for pregnant women.
9. Consumption of kiwi is also beneficial for our bones, it removes joint pain.
10. People who are suffering from mental problems must eat kiwi to reduce stress.
11. Kiwi boosts our immunity a lot, it reduces the risk of many diseases and infections.