Kitchen Tips: If the Onion-Tomato masala burns then follow these tips, know here...


Kitchen Hacks: Indian kitchens are full of spices and tempering. Spices are used to make everything from lentils to vegetables. Garlic, onion, and tomato gravy become thick and delicious. The taste of the food may deteriorate if the oil spices are more or less while cooking. At the same time, while cooking the spices, they get burnt if they fry too much. In such a situation, both the taste and aroma of food can be enhanced by adopting some methods.


Don't scratch the pan
If spices, gravy or pulses, and vegetables get burnt while cooking, then it sticks in the pot. In a hurry, seeing the masala burning, people start scraping it from the pot so that it does not stick to the pot. In such a situation, the spices burnt at the bottom of the pot get mixed in the whole food and spoil the taste and aroma of the food. Therefore, if the vegetable or spice gets stuck in the bottom of the vessel while cooking, then do not make the mistake of scraping it. Remove the burnt part to another vessel without scraping it.

Use of potatoes
When the vegetable masala or onion-tomato masala gets burnt while frying, then the whole food starts to smell. Burnt spices also spoil the taste. Therefore, if the spices start burning while roasting, peel the raw potatoes and mix them with the spices. Cook for some time on low flame. After 10 minutes take out the potatoes. Potato absorbs the bitter and burnt taste. Due to potatoes, the burnt masala of vegetables and gravy will be completely fine.


Use of milk and yogurt
If the vegetable or gravy seasoning starts sticking to the pot due to burning, then milk, curd, or cream can be used. It hides the smell of burnt spices and also improves the taste. If the vegetable masala is burning, then immediately add two spoons of curd, milk, or cream to the vessel and keep cooking for two to three minutes without stirring. Then slowly stir the gravy. Due to this the flavor and taste of the burnt spices will not come in the food.

Use of ghee
If the spice of the vegetable or the tempering of lentils is slightly burnt and the smell of burning comes in the food, then add a couple of spoons of desi ghee. The smell of desi ghee hides the smell of burnt food and also enhances the taste of the food.