Kitchen Tips: Due to the cost of lemon, the taste of food has faded, so bring sourness in the recipe in these ways


With the rise in the price of lemons, the use of lemons in the kitchens of ordinary households has reduced. Lemon is needed the most in the summer season. Be it lemonade in the morning or lemon shikanji to relieve the heat, everything has almost stopped due to the increased prices of lemons. In such a situation, people are now looking for other options apart from lemonade or shikanji to quench their thirst in summer. The sourness that was brought by lemon in the food has also almost faded away. But even without lemon you can add flavor to the dish. For this dish which is incomplete without lemon, you can use any other option of lemon. There are many such ingredients in our kitchen even without lemon, which can bring the same sourness to the dish. Let us know what things can be used in food instead of lemon. Learn about the ingredients needed to make a lemon-free shikanji or salad.


You can use vinegar or vinegar instead of lemon. It is sour like lemon and is used in food. Only a small amount of it can cause sourness in food. When making many dishes, lemon drinks or salads, you can use vinegar if you do not have lemon.

Lemon pickle
Even though lemon has disappeared from your kitchen due to the rise in the price of lemon, but many houses will have pre-made lemon pickle in the kitchen. If you have old lemon pickle, you can use it instead of lemon in your dish. If you are mixing lemon pickle in baking, then mix it with lukewarm water and use it.


Tatari is often added to sour pickles. Tatri is made from tamarind. You will find it in the market in the form of tattery powder. The dish can be soured by using a pinch of tatery.

Amchur powder
Amchur powder, tamarind etc. will also be available in the market. Instead of lemon, you can also put them in the food. This will bring a lemon-like sourness to the taste of the food.