Kitchen Hacks: Make Tiranga Barfi on Independence Day, Everyone will like it..


Tiranga Barfi Sweet Dish For Independence Day: There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm across the country regarding Independence Day i.e. 15th August. From children to elders, everyone is very excited about this day. The preparations for 15th August start months in advance in the children's school. In such a situation, the tricolor and things made of its colors are very attractive to the children. Children like to wear and eat tri-colored things. You will find many such dishes in the market, which are made in the color of the tricolor. If you want, you can make tricolor khoya barfi for children at home and send this barfi to children in tiffin on 15th August. Your child will surely be happy seeing this. Let us know how to make tricolor barfi from mawa.


Ingredients for Tirang Barfi
-Fresh Khoya - 400 grams
-Sugar - 350 grams
-Paneer - 150 grams
-Sweet saffron and green color
-Cardamom powder - half tsp
-Little silver work

Tiranga Barfi Recipe:
1- To make Tirang Barfi, first grate the khoya and paneer.
2- Add sugar to it, put it in a pan, and keep it on the gas.
3- You have to keep the flame of the gas medium and cook it till this mixture becomes thick.
4- When the mixture starts separating from the pan and all the sugar water dries up, mix cardamom in it and turn off the gas.
5- Now divide the prepared mixture into three equal parts.
6- Keep one part white and in the remaining 2 parts add saffron and green color in one.
7- Now spread the green mixture on an inverted plate by applying light ghee. You can also roll it with a rolling pin.
8- Spread the white and orange mixture evenly over it and press lightly or roll lightly with a rolling pin.
9- Apply for silver work from above and keep pressing lightly.
10- Now cut it in the shape of barfi. Tasty Mawa Barfi is ready. Kids will love this dish.