Kitchen Hacks: If you start getting insects in garam masala, then clean it by adopting these tips...


Kitchen Hacks: Spices play an important role in the Indian kitchen. Various spices are used to enhance the taste of food. Indian dishes become delicious when turmeric, chili, vegetables, and garam masala are added to the food. Garam masala has many meanings among these spices. The taste of any food is incomplete without garam masala. Hot spices are specially used in vegetarian to non-vegetarian food. But sometimes insects get into garam masala. Due to the high humidity of the air in the season, dry spices start getting spoiled. Similarly, if garam masala is not kept in an air-tight container, then moisture comes into it and insects start to attack. However, by adopting some precautions, garam masala can be saved from spoilage.


First way
If your dry spices start getting insects, you can use a tea strainer to clean them. Put garam masala little by little in a strainer and filter the masala on a plate. In this process, the worms will remain in the strainer and the masala will be completely cleaned.

Another way
To remove insects from dry spices used in the kitchen, keep the entire spice box in the sun. If desired, spread garam masala on a cloth and keep it in the sun. Through this process, the insects will feel hot and they will start running away from the sun. In this way, the garam masala will be cleaned.

Tips to protect garam masala from insects
-Store spices in the right way. Keep garam masala in airtight container only.

-Keep bay leaves in the box while storing garam masala, the smell of bay leaves keeps insects away.

-Putting cloves in a hot spice box does not spoil the spice.

How to store garam masala
-Do not store spices in plastic containers or steel containers. Store the spice in a glass jar.

-In winter, garam masala can be stored in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage.

-The spices can be heated in a pan or microwave. This does not spoil the spice quickly.