Kitchen Hacks: If the dirt has settled in the gas burner, then follow these tips and clean it in minutes..


Kitchen Cleaning: Many times the flame of the cylinder or stove gets reduced while cooking. Despite a lot of maintenance, this problem is often seen in every house. In such a situation, sometimes the gas even turns off or due to light burning, there is a problem in cooking food. In such a situation, until it is fixed, the problem does not end. Today we are telling you how to clean the burner when the gas flame is low or off...

Stove grate cleaning
Many times the hole in the mesh gets closed due to low flame. In this way you can clean the stove mesh. Leave the mesh for 15 to 20 minutes by adding vinegar to the vinegar water. After this it will be completely clean and the flame will start burning properly.
How to clean gas burner?
After many times, while cooking milk or food, any liquid item falls on the burner. In such a situation, its flame decreases or it turns off. If the burner is not cleaned for a long time, then rust can also occur in the burner. Due to this the holes of the mesh get frozen and the flame cannot come out. Whenever cleaning in such condition, clean the entire stove only after opening it. First of all remove the stove by unscrewing the nut bolt and then cleaning it with a clean cloth and set it back. The flame will be fine.

Also check gas pipe
Apart from cleaning the gas stove, you can also check its pipes. Because due to the pipe being dirty and old, there is a problem in getting the flame out. The gas pipe must be checked once a week. The pipe should also be replaced in three months.