Kids Lunch Box Ideas: Make Oats Cheela for kids in the lunch box, Know how to make it...


Oats Cheela Recipe: If you are troubled by the question of what you want to make new in the kids lunch box, then do not take tension. Today we will tell you about healthy food in lunch box for children and that is Oats Cheela. You can also prepare it for breakfast at home. This is a very tasty and quick recipe along with healthy. Believe me, children will demand you to give this cheela in lunch. Let's know the healthy recipe of Oats Cheela.


Ingredients required to make Oats Cheela
-Besan 2 tsp
-Oats 2 cups
-green chili chopped
-Onion 2 chopped
-Capsicum 2
-Carrot 1
-Tomato 2
-cumin 1 tsp
-Coriander chopped
-chilli powder


How to make Oats Cheela:

  • First of all, grind the oats into a fine powder in a mixer and turn it over in a vessel. Now add gram flour, turmeric, cumin, chilli and other spices and mix it well. Now add finely chopped onion, carrot, capsicum, tomato, green chilli, ginger and coriander leaves to it and prepare the cheela batter by adding water.
  • Now heat a pan and heat oil in it. As soon as the oil becomes hot, spread the prepared cheela batter in it with the help of a bowl and spread it in a round shape.
  • When it is cooked from one side, turn it over to cook the other side as well. Fry the cheela till it becomes crisp. Prepare each cheela in the same way and then pack it in children's lunch box with hot sauce or coriander chutney. If you want, you can also serve it by making it in the morning breakfast. It is quite healthy as well as a healthy option of breakfast while reducing weight.