Kids Health: Due to lack of nutrition, the problem of dental cavity occurs in children, these reasons are also responsible...


Reasons Behind Dental Cavity in Children: The problem of cavities in children's teeth is a common problem. This problem in teeth mostly starts when children start eating, due to which pieces of food get stuck in their teeth. Due to this harmful bacteria gradually start growing in their teeth. These bacteria in the mouth make up plaque, which is harmful to the teeth and the biggest cause of dental cavities in children.


To keep the child safe from all dental problems, it is necessary to inculcate the habit of oral hygiene from a young age. To make children's teeth strong, their diet also needs attention. Nowadays, most people complain, even after taking care of the dental health of the children, there is a problem of cavities. That's why you know, the main causes of the dental cavity in children

Causes of dental cavities in children:
Oral bacterial infection:

Children often do not pay much attention to the cleanliness of their mouth and sometimes due to drinking less water or not rinsing properly after eating food, the problem of dental cavities increases in the mouth. Small carelessness increases the harmful bacteria in the mouth and they also increase the acid level in the mouth.

Starchy Foods:
All children like to eat starchy foods such as bread, chips, chocolate, and fast food, but carbohydrates are found in all these foods which break down into sugar and due to which bacteria are found in the teeth. The longer these foods remain in the mouth, the more the risk of cavities increases.

Sticky substance :
To avoid dental cavities, it is necessary to be a little careful while consuming sticky substances like toffee, chocolate, and sweets. Such sticky and sugary foods are very harmful to the teeth. Eating these at night causes rotting of the teeth and increases the cause of cavities.


Lack of correct nutrition:
During the growth years of children, they need to get adequate and right nutrients and if the teeth do not get enough nutrition, there is a deficiency of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C in their teeth, due to which insects start appearing in the teeth and tooth decay. They start breaking down very quickly.