Khakhra Pizza Recipe: Make this yummy recipe of Khakhara Pizza at home


Khakhara Pizza Recipe: Many people like cheese very much. Then it is baked or garnished on any dish without baking. If you want to eat something spicy and want to avoid going to the kitchen because of the heat, then today we bring you the instant recipe of Khakhra Pizza. Many times it happens that we start thinking questions like what to eat or what to cook in a hurry to eliminate small hunger. If you too can think of just noodles in answer to such a question, then today we have brought for you the wonderful recipe of Khakhra Pizza. To make this, neither you have to bear the heat of the kitchen, nor do you need to make much effort. Let us know how to make this recipe.


-Khakhra - 4 pieces
-Carrot - 1 grated
-Cucumber - finely chopped
-Onion - 1 finely chopped
-Tamarind Sauce – tbsp
-Pizza Sauce - 1 tbsp
-Tomato Sauce - 1 tbsp
-Chaat masala - 1 tsp
-Pizza Sprinkle - tsp
-Chili Flakes - tsp
-Cheese - 2 cubes


How to make Khakhra Pizza
-Plain, cumin or masala, whatever khakhra you like, take 4 whole pieces of it. Place a piece of khakhra in the base and spread a little pizza, tomato sauce and tamarind sauce on it. Keep in mind that all the sauce should be applied little by little, so that the taste of khakhra remains and it does not become soft. After the sauce, spread by adding cucumber, onion, carrot. Place another layer of khakhra on top of it and add sauce and vegetables as before. Spread everything on the third layer as before.

-Place the fourth and last layer khakhra on top of the third layer and spread the grated cheese on it all around. Finally, sprinkle pizza sprinkles and chili flakes, cut the khakhra like a pizza and serve. If you like melted cheese, then put the khakhra pizza in the microwave for a minute. This will melt the cheese and make Khakhra Pizza taste better. This dish can also be taught to the teenage kids at home, so that in your absence, they can satisfy their hunger without using gas.