Keep precious jewelry in this direction for happiness and prosperity at home!


According to Vastu Shastra, happiness and prosperity increase by keeping valuables in the right direction in the house. Let us tell you that Vastu is considered very important, whether it is building a house or keeping things in the right direction, there are specific rules and regulations of Vastu.


For your information, let us tell you that not keeping things in the right direction in the house can lead to many problems. Very few people keep precious jewelry in the right direction at home. If you want to maintain happiness and prosperity in your home, then according to Vastu, keep your precious ornaments in the right direction of the house.

Know in Vastu Shastra where to keep your precious jewelry. Please tell that the cash is light in weight, so it is considered good to keep it in the north direction.


But the weight of jewelry is more and their value is also more, so they have to be kept in a special and safe place. Jewelry should be kept in the south direction as it is considered the best place to keep heavy items.