Karachi Halwa Recipe


If you are planning to make sweets at home on Rakshabandhan. So you can try this sweet made from maida. Some people are allergic to milk or they do not like milk products. In such a situation, you can make sweets from maida instead of khoya. Actually, Karachi Halwa is made by mixing cornstarch and maida. Also known as Bombay Halwa. Many people like this sweet made by adding a lot of dry fruits. So let's know how this sweet will be made.


Ingredients for making Karachi Halwa
Corn flour one cup, half a cup of all-purpose flour, two to three cups of sugar, about half a cup chopped cashew nuts, about half a cup chopped almonds, one tablespoon of pistachios, a quarter teaspoon of tatari powder, four to five small cardamoms, half a cup of desi ghee, a pinch of orange food coloring.

How to make Karachi Halwa
First, sieve all-purpose flour and cornflour. So that dirt does not remain in it. Then mix these two. Make a thin batter by adding water. Keep finely chopped cashews, almonds, and pistachios on a plate. Finely grind small cardamom. Heat the pan on the gas. Add sugar and water to it and cook. When the sugar dissolves, add the flour and cornstarch solution to it. Cook it on low flame. Keep stirring the solution. So that there are no lumps in it.


After some time the solution will start thickening. Then put desi ghee in this solution. Then keep running it. Also, put the tatari together. Add a little more ghee. keep it moving. When the ghee starts mixing, add food color to it. Keep stirring and cooking it. Also, add chopped dry fruits. Cook it till it becomes thick and starts to set. When it starts to freeze, switch off the gas. Then spread the mixture on a tray. Garnish with chopped cashews and pistachios on top. When it cools down, cut it into a square shape. Delicious sweets are ready.