Kaner leaves: Use this way to cure pain and wounds


Kaner leaves: Kaner leaves are rich in many medicinal properties. These leaves have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. They help in relieving pain, wounds, herpes-itching, etc.

Kaner flower is often used in worship.  Apart from this, Kaner leaves are also very beneficial.  They are full of medicinal properties.  They have antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Let us know what health problems you can get rid of by using caner leaves.

To get relief from joint pain - Kaner leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.  They work to relieve joint pain and swelling.  For this, grind the fresh leaves of Kaner.  Add some olive oil to it.  Heat it.  Apply it to the joints with light hands and massage.  This will work to give relief in pain.


Reduces itching of the skin - The use of caner leaves also works to relieve skin itching.  Cook the caner leaves in mint oil.  Apply it to the area affected by itching.  This will work to reduce the itching fast.

To cure ringworm – You can also use Kaner leaves to cure ringworm. For this, cook Kaner leaves in coconut oil. Apply this oil to the area affected by ringworm. This will help in curing ringworm.


To Heal Old Wounds – If the injury has been there for a long time, then you can use Kaner leaves to heal it. For this, grind the leaves of Kaner. Add some aloe vera gel to it. Apply this paste to the wound. This will work to heal the wound faster.