Jaundice: These leaves can end jaundice by root, and the liver will also become healthy


Jaundice: Jaundice is such a disease, that if it is not treated in time, it becomes a life-threatening condition. This disease occurs when the stomach is not healthy. You can stay away from it by chewing these leaves.

Indigenous methods can also be adopted to eliminate diseases like jaundice from the root. We are going to tell you about some such leaves, with the help of which you can overcome this disease and can also make your liver healthy.


Papaya leaves: Papaya is considered to be nothing less than a panacea in the treatment of the stomach. The special thing is that with this you can keep yourself healthy even with the leaves. People suffering from jaundice should be given boiled water from papaya leaves. This will strengthen their immunity.

Arhar leaves: To adopt the indigenous recipe of tur leaves, you have to extract its juice. Grind tur leaves and extract their juice and drink it in limited quantity daily. Your jaundice will end from the root.

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Bitter gourd leaves: By controlling diabetes, bitter gourd leaves can eliminate the problem of jaundice. For this, heat its leaves in the water in a vessel and drink it after sips when it cools down. You will be able to see the difference in a few days.


Radish leaves: Radish is considered beneficial for the stomach, but let us tell you that its leaves also help in keeping the stomach healthy. Give the juice of its leaves daily to those who are complaining of jaundice.