Jackfruit side effects: Do not consume these things after eating jackfruit, it may be heavy


Jackfruit: Some people like jackfruit vegetables very much, but consuming some things immediately after eating them can prove to be harmful to health. Know which things you should not eat after eating jackfruit.

Jackfruit is a favorite of most people, but its vegetable can also harm. After eating jackfruit, some things should not be eaten even by mistake. In such a situation, you may have problems like stomach upset. Learn about them…

Do not drink milk: Some people make the mistake of drinking milk immediately after eating jackfruit. This method will spoil the health of the stomach, as well as you may have skin problems. Avoid doing this.


Do not eat honey: If you forget to drink honey water after eating jackfruit due to weight loss, then avoid doing so. This method can also spoil the sugar level of diabetic patients.


Do not eat papaya: It is considered very beneficial for the stomach and for this reason some people consume papaya after eating jackfruit. According to health experts, this mistake of yours can worsen the health of the stomach.


Drink more water: Jackfruit is prepared in different ways in India. In some places, people eat it as a very heavy dish for the taste. You can get acidity after eating dinner. In such a situation, eat it during the day and drink more and more water.