Is there a hidden camera somewhere behind a mirror or a door? check like this


These days there is an era of viral videos, but the kind of viral videos that are circulating on social media at this time is mostly taken either through CCTV or hidden camera. As technology has progressed, so have such spy devices which can prove to be dangerous for our personal life. In such a situation, going to the hotel room or going to the changing room can prove to be dangerous. 

These days hidden cameras are being hidden not only in the mirror, table or mobile, but they are also hidden in clothes, on the wall, in the keyhole of the door. If we talk about the hidden camera, then before going to any new place, we must follow some basic tips so that we can find out about them. 

Some time ago an incident came to light from Prayagraj where a doctor's son had installed a hidden camera in the bathroom of the girl's hostel. To avoid any such incident, we must follow the normal safety tips. 

Where are the most hidden cameras?

First of all, it is important to find out where most of the hidden cameras are hidden and which one should be checked.

Tissue box, stuff teddy bear, digital TV box, clock, pen, clothes, under the table, on the shower head in the bathroom, above the keyhole of the door, in the AC, hidden camera in the ceiling fan, etc. should do. 

How to check whether the hidden camera is hidden or not?

If we talk about the hidden camera, then most of the cameras give a signal, light or some other kind of signal.  

Check Hidden Light: 

In the hidden camera, most of the LED lights are on. This is a feature of the night vision camera and either red or green light (very light) is visible. In such a situation, if you turn off all the lights in the room and look carefully, then there is a scope for its visible.  

Disturbance in mobile signal: 

Secret cameras work through radio frequency and in such cases, they disturb the mobile signal as well. In such a situation, either the call will be cut again and again or there will be a disturbance in the voice. You try to place calls by going to places where there are indications that the camera is hidden.  

The camera can be behind the glass: 

In the trial room or changing room, the camera may be hidden at the back and in such a situation, first of all, check its corners to see if it is visible or not and at the same time look with your finger in the mirror. If there is a gap between the original finger and the finger visible in the mirror, then the mirror is correct, but if it is not and the two appear to be connected then it means that something is wrong with the mirror.  

Apart from these, many mobile phone apps also claim to detect hidden cameras, but most are of no use. Yes, some devices allow to detect hidden cameras in one go, but such devices are not available to the common people. In such a situation, it is good to be alert and check any suspicious place thoroughly

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