International Yoga Day 2022: Yogasanas reduce the risk of lung-heart to diabetes, claims study


Over the past few years, physical inactivity has been increasingly seen as a major risk factor for a variety of serious health problems. Due to physical inactivity, the blood circulation in the body is affected and the risk of obesity also increases. All these conditions can cause serious health problems ranging from lung-heart to diabetes.

Health experts advise all people to include yogasanas in their routine regularly to prevent the increasing diseases of these organs. Through the practice of yogasanas, physical activity remains and organs like lungs and heart can be kept healthy.

Yoga has many physical and mental health benefits. International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June to make people aware of the benefits of yoga and to make people aware of yoga asanas. Let us know how the risk of many types of chronic diseases can be reduced by including yogasanas in the routine?

Yoga increases lung capacity

In a study conducted to know the benefits of yoga, experts found that the habit of practicing it can be beneficial for you in promoting both physical and mental health. Lead researcher Royrin Chanavirut, from Khon Kaen University in Thailand, says research shows that practicing yoga for even a few days can help in better stretching of the chest, increasing capacity, and working power.


Can reduce the risk of many diseases

Professor Royrin explains that some types of yoga have been found not only to increase lung power, but if made a habit of their regular practice, it can improve breathing ability, and many types of yogasanas have been found to affect breathing including asthma. It can reduce the complications of other types of diseases. The practice of many yogasanas such as Marjari Asana, Vrikshasana and Camel Pose, etc. is very beneficial in this.


Benefits of yoga in heart problems

Hugh Calkins, director of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Service at Johns Hopkins, says studies show that the practice of yoga poses may have special benefits for cardiovascular health. The last five years have seen a significant jump in the cases of heart disease. Yoga is a mind-body activity in which efforts are made to promote strength, flexibility, and balance of the body.

Beneficial in reducing the factors of heart disease as well

Practicing yoga can help control blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, as well as lower heart rate, making this lifestyle possible to improve heart health. One study showed that those who practiced yoga for three months were found to have significantly lower risk factors that promote heart disease.

Health benefits can be achieved by making yoga asanas a part of the lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This article has been prepared based on medical reports and suggestions from health experts.