International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga is the basis of a healthy life, beneficial in improving the quality of life from immunity


Health experts consider yoga as the basic mantra of physical and mental fitness. The habit of practicing yoga can help reduce the risk of many types of diseases while keeping you physically active. Health benefits have been obtained by practicing yoga in India for centuries. Experts even claim that people who practice yoga regularly have a lower risk of rapidly increasing serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Yoga can reduce the risk of health problems caused by lifestyle disturbances, while reducing the risk of physical inactivity, increasing blood circulation in the body, and strengthening bones and muscles. Medical science also considers the practice of yoga to be very beneficial in terms of health. From immunity to improving quality of life, benefits can be gained by making a habit of practicing yogasanas regularly.

Let us know how yoga affects the body.

Science behind yoga

Some research suggests that practicing yoga can improve physical or psychological aspects. The practice of yoga has a positive effect on the chemicals and hormones of the body along with maintaining physical and mental balance, thereby reducing the risk of many problems related to it. It is also helpful in keeping you disease-free while having a positive effect on overall health.

Essentials for kids and teens

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children and adolescents can strengthen their emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral health conditions by inculcating the practice of yoga. Yoga helps children build self-confidence, focus on work, and handle problems calmly. When practiced regularly, it can be effective in improving body balance, relieving stress, and promoting strength.

What did the studies find?

Medical science considers the practice of yoga to be very effective for the body. In a 2019 study, scientists found that students who did yoga twice a week in school along with standard physical education showed significant benefits in both academic activity and physical health.

A review of studies in 2016 found that school-based yoga programs help improve the health of adolescents. This is an effective way to reduce the risk of obesity, which can protect you from many diseases.

Beneficial for overall health

Yoga is considered by experts to be extremely beneficial for overall health. Along with physical and mental fitness, the habit of yoga helps improve sleep quality and reduce stress, protecting you from the risk of many lifestyle diseases. Incorporating yoga practice into daily life can be especially beneficial for everyone from children to the elderly.

Note: This article has been prepared based on the suggestions of the Yoga Guru. You can contact a specialist to know about the correct position of the asana.