International Yoga Day 2022: From Bhujangasana to Setubandhasan, know the benefits of yogasanas for overall health

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Experts recommend all people do regular yoga and exercise to remain physically and mentally healthy. The habit of yoga not only saves you from the risks of physical inactivity but also helps in keeping mentally fit. Many such asanas are mentioned in yoga science, which can keep you fit and healthy and also protect you from the risk of many serious diseases.

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June to promote yoga globally and increase awareness among people about its benefits.

According to yoga experts, there are many types of effective yoga practices to maintain overall health that can help keep you safe from the risk of serious health problems. To reduce the risk of serious diseases increasing globally, all people must include yogasanas in their daily routine. Let us know which asanas can be beneficial for you to do daily for overall health?

Benefits of doing Bridge Pose Yoga

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Practice Setubandhasana Yoga

Santubandhasana yoga which is also known as bridge pose, can easily keep the body healthy and fit by making a habit of its practice. The habit of practicing this yoga helps strengthen the back, glutes, legs, and ankles, as well as better stretching the chest, heart, shoulders, and spine. By doing this the circulation of blood remains better and the body gets peace. Along with stimulating the organs of the stomach, lungs, and thyroid, this yoga is also helpful in improving digestion.


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Benefits of Bhujangasana Yoga

The many physical and mental health benefits of Bhujangasana Yoga or Cobra Pose are known. Along with reducing the symptoms of depression, the benefits of this yoga have also been seen in relieving pain in the lower back and reducing inflammation in the body. This yoga improves sleep and physical posture, which removes many types of physical and mental problems.


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Benefits of Vrikshasana Yoga

Vrikshasana Yoga or Tree Pose is considered to be particularly beneficial for people of all ages. It helps in better stretching of the legs and improves physical balance. Tree pose requires special concentration. Along with strengthening your core muscles, it is also considered beneficial exercise for the waist, and thighs. Vrikshasana is a yoga practice that gives you peace of mind.
Benefits of doing pranayama yoga


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Experts consider Pranayama to be one of the most effective yogasanas for physical and mental health. A 2013 study found that pranayama improves sleep quality along with reducing stress levels in adults. People who have high blood pressure problems can get special benefits from it. This breathing exercise promotes cognitive performance by easing lung function.

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