International Yoga Day 2022: Can yogasanas control blood sugar, know what experts say?

What are the benefits of yoga for diabetes? - photo: istock

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the blood sugar level rises very rapidly, due to which the risk of various health problems in the body increases. Low or high blood sugar is both a serious condition, so all people are advised to keep taking measures to control it. However, dietary modification alone is not considered sufficient by experts to control blood sugar, it also requires special attention to physical activity.

Research suggests that people who frequently do sedentary work have a higher risk of diabetes than other people.

According to health experts, yogasanas are considered to be the most promising and cost-effective option for the treatment and prevention of diabetes. The data shows that the habit of yoga and exercise can reduce the condition of hyperglycemia i.e. elevated blood sugar. By controlling blood sugar, the habit of yogasanas is also considered very beneficial in reducing the side effects. Let us know which exercises can be beneficial for diabetics?

Benefits of doing Dhanurasana Yoga


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Dhanurasana yoga pose helps to strengthen the pancreas, hence it is considered suitable for patients with diabetes. In addition, it is also an effective exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles, promote digestion and reduce the side effects of physical inactivity. People who have diabetes problems must include this yoga practice in their daily routine.

What are the benefits of doing Balasan yoga?


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Balasana or Child's Pose yoga is helpful in exercising your hamstrings, rotator muscles and spinal extensors. In this case, it helps in relieving stress, fatigue and back and neck pain. Experts consider Balasan yoga as one of the most effective yogasanas to control the problem of diabetes. This yoga practice also helps in increasing the production of insulin-producing beta cells.

Benefits of Bhujangasana in diabetes


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Bhujangasana yoga is a practice that relaxes the body as well as calms the mind. It is helpful in reducing the stress on your brain and keeping them healthy by increasing the blood circulation to the body parts. People suffering from diabetes can get benefit from the problem of diabetes by easily controlling blood sugar by making a habit of practicing this yoga. This yoga is also considered very effective in back and waist problems.

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