International Yoga Day 2022: Avoid doing Vajrasana, may be harmful to these people


International Yoga Day 2022: We will tell you how you can do Vajrasana properly and what are the benefits you can get from it. Also, know which people should not do this mudra.

International Yoga Day: The importance of this day is to make people understand the importance of yoga so that they can stay healthy by doing it. Doing yoga is so beneficial that not only in India, people in many countries and parts of the world do it regularly today. From inner strength to those who keep many diseases away from us. Today its importance has increased a lot. Earlier people used to try to keep themselves fit only through the gym or other methods, but now they are naturally healthy by doing yoga. (Health care tips) And try to stay fit. Everyone, whether children or old, can do yoga because it is not very difficult to do. There are also many types of yoga and it is advised that yoga should be done according to your body.

There are many types of yoga, one of which is Vajrasana. It is said that it can make the body strong like a thunderbolt. In this article, we will tell you how you can do this yoga posture in the right way and what benefits you can get from it. Also, know which people should not do this mudra.

Do Vajrasana like this

You can do this yogasana not only on an empty stomach but even after eating. This helps in stretching the body. To do this, bend both the legs and sit on your hips, now place your palm on the knees. Keep your spine straight and take deep breaths and focus on your breath. Stay in this position for about 10 minutes.

These people should not do this yoga

Yoga or exercise may be considered good for health, but it is important to know the right information before doing them. Those people whose knee surgery has not taken much time, should not do Vajrasana even by mistake. Those who are complaining of pain in the spine should also avoid doing this yoga asana. Forcing can make your back problem worse. Apart from this, Vajrasana can also prove to be harmful to those who are suffering from intestinal ulcers and hernias.

Benefits of Vajrasana

The biggest advantage of this yoga asana is that it is considered very beneficial for the stomach. Apart from this, those who have constipation problems can also take the help of this asana to get relief from this health problem. Among other benefits, it also reduces the pain in the back, but keep in mind that when you are doing it, then your method is right. By the way, by doing this yoga asana, you can also reduce the fat present in the stomach.