International No Diet Day 2022: Know why International No Diet Day is celebrated, and what is its purpose!


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International No Diet Day is celebrated on 6 May. This day inspires me to enjoy life by breaking the rules of food and love oneself by leaving the tension of body shape. Know how this day started and what is its purpose!

Every year on the 6th of May international no diet day is celebrated. No-Diet Day is celebrated as Cheat Day. This day is very special for those people, who are very conscious about their health and diet and are very disciplined about food. no diet day On this day, they break the rules of their food and eat anything of their choice without any guilt. In a way, No Diet Day is a day to express love towards oneself. Today this day is being celebrated all over the world. On this occasion, we will tell you what is the purpose of International No Diet Day. Purpose of International No Diet Day) is celebrated.

Why is International No Diet Day celebrated?

Due to poor lifestyles and wrong eating habits, the problem of obesity among people has increased a lot. Obesity is considered to be the root of all diseases. In such a situation, when a person gets obese prematurely, then many types of diseases like diabetes, high BP, heart disease, increase in cholesterol, joint pain, etc. In the midst of these problems, experts recommend her a very disciplined diet, so that such problems and obesity can be controlled. In such a situation, many times people get so caught in the rules of dieting, that they forget to enjoy their life. Through the celebration of International No Diet Day, they are given the freedom to fulfill their hobbies by breaking all the rules of eating and drinking for a day and are given a chance to enjoy life. Leaving the formula that brings in body shape, life is taught to live happily. On this day people organize various activities and invite their relatives for food. On this day they enjoy eating their favorite dishes.

History of International No Diet Day

International No Diet Day was first celebrated in the year 1992. It was started by British woman Mary Evans. Mary’s aim was that people should not be ashamed of their body shape and accept themselves as they looked. Also, understand the disadvantages of dieting. Mary Evans herself was suffering from an anorexia-like illness. Anorexia is a type of eating disorder. It is also called anorexia nervosa. The risk of gaining body weight increases in this disease. In such a situation, a person has misconceptions about weight, and people suffering from anorexia put in all efforts to control their weight and body shape. Mary Evans started an organization called Diet Breakers and organized International No Diet Day for the first time through her organization. She wanted to make people understand that accept yourself the way you look. Don’t make yourself feel ashamed because of your body shape. Live life with enthusiasm.