International No Diet Day 2022: In this way, eat everything without stress, there will be no harm to health, and no gilt will remain in mind


No-Diet Day is celebrated every year on 6 May. On this day people leave their health concerns and eat whatever they like and celebrate it as Cheat Day. But if you want, you can celebrate this cheat day anytime, but for that, you have to follow the method mentioned here regarding diet.

International No Diet Day is on 6 May every year international celebrated. This day is the day to express love towards oneself. Usually, people are very conscious about their health, obesity, etc., but this day is called ‘Cheat Day’.Cheat Day) and eat anything of your choice without any guilt. But according to experts, no person needs to give up anything for his health, he just needs to balance his diet. if your own diet, If you learn to balance it, you can celebrate Cheat Day anytime, not just one day, and eat all the things of your choice without any guilt. Today, on the occasion of International No Diet Day, we will tell you how to manage your diet to reduce obesity and avoid all the problems. This will neither harm your health nor will there be any doubt in the mind about the food and drink.

Don’t eat at once, eat in two hours

According to experts, people usually eat a lot of food in one go. This increases their obesity. Therefore, instead of eating at once, it should be eaten in two hours. By taking all the things at short intervals in the day, energy is maintained in your body and fat does not increase quickly.

This should be the way of eating

  • The morning should be started by drinking water. Drink water sip by sip. This clears your stomach and flushes out toxins from the body.
  • After getting fresh, you can take green tea or lemon tea. Use honey instead of sugar in this. If you want to take normal tea, then definitely take two biscuits or toast, etc. Do not drink empty
  • After two hours take a fruit. Fruits should be replaced. According to the season, different types of fruits come in the market. You should eat different fruits according to the color every day. Do not eat all the fruits together by mixing them.
  • It is very good to take watermelon juice in summer. It removes the lack of water along with taking out the toxins from the body. You can take watermelon juice two hours after eating the fruit. Squeeze mint, black salt, and some lemon in it. If you want, you can also drink any other seasonal juice.
  • Eat raw salad half an hour before lunch and eat two chapatis, lentils, vegetables, curd, etc. for lunch. Eat khichdi for lunch once a week.
  •  After two hours, take shikanji, vine syrup, buttermilk, or any drink. Apart from this, you can take a cucumber, cucumber, sandwich, poha, etc.
  • Take any seasonal vegetable and chapati for dinner. Instead of taking heavy vegetables at night, take watery vegetables like bottle gourd, luffa, tienda, etc. Take a cup of non-creamy milk half an hour before sleeping at night.

Celebrate Cheat Day one day a week

If you follow this method of diet, then one day in a week can be celebrated as Cheat Day. On this day you can eat anything homemade or outside food of your choice. But the next day after Cheat Day, you have to eat khichdi, and take very light food in the evening. This will burn the extra calories present in your body. With this, all your hobbies will also be fulfilled and the tension of obesity will not hurt.

(The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Newscrab does not confirm them. Follow this only after consulting an expert.)