International Dance Day 2022: How did this day begin and what is its importance, know everything here


It is said that if a person wants to be healthy, then it is very important for him to be happy. The person who takes tension starts having many problems, while the person who is happy remains healthy. But do you know that dance is also one of the most important things for a person? Probably not, but don't look at dance only as a form of entertainment, it benefits you in many other ways besides keeping you happy. Dance has been associated with us for a long time and will continue to do so. That's why International Dance Day is celebrated every year on 29th April. People's love for dance is enough, so people do not hold back from learning dance. In such a situation, on the occasion of this special day, it becomes necessary to know how this day started and what is the history of this day? So let's tell you about this. You can learn more about International Dance Day in the next slides...


A look at history
If we talk about the history of this day, then the International Dance Committee of UNESCO's International Theater Institute had announced on 29 April 1982, on the birthday of the great dancer Jean-Georges Navarre, that International Dance Day would be celebrated every year on 29 April. Since then this day is celebrated every year. It is also important to know here that Georges Navarre was a French dancer, and in the 19th century he has been considered the father of many forms of dance. He wanted that dance should be included in education from the school level itself. Not only this, Dancer Navare has also written a book on dance named 'Letters on the Dance'. All the tricks of dance art have been taught in this book. People can dance by reading this book and can totally connect with it.


What is the purpose?
If we talk about the purpose of International Dance Day, then it is very clear. Actually, through this day, its purpose is to encourage all the dancing people of the world and people interested in this side. Spread awareness about dance among people, so that this area can also grow.