Indore Famous Foods: Are you fond of eating sweet or spicy, come and taste all kinds of flavors in the streets of Indore


Indore Famous Foods Indore is not only famous as the cleanest city in the country, but this city is also famous for its flavors in the country and abroad. So whenever you come here, do not forget to taste these famous flavors here.

Indore Famous Foods: Indore is one of the cleanest cities in India. But its identity is not limited only here, this city is also famous for its flavors all over the world. If you are fond of traveling and food as well, then Indore has a lot for you. People visiting Jyotirling Mahakal and Omkareshwar or historical cities Maheshwar and Mandu do not go back without visiting Indore. The Poha, Kachori, Samosa, Corn Cheese, Garadu, Moong Halwa, 10 Flavors of Pani Patasi (Fulki), Milk Shikanji, Coconut Lassi, Joshi's Dahi Bada, Saffron Milk, Faluda Kesar Kulfi will taste like nowhere else. Who will not get it? People will be seen eating and drinking here with family at Sarafa Chowpatty decorated at night.

Potato and Coconut Patties

One of the delectable dishes available here is the patties. Although a square-shaped dish like samosa without frying is called a patty all over the world, in Indore, patties are made from potatoes and dry coconut. Which can also be eaten during fasting. Its taste increases even more with chutney.

Dal Baffle

Dal Baffle looks quite similar to Dal Baati but tastes slightly different. It is a baked dish. The taste of Indori Dal Bafla is so delicious that it only fills the stomach, not the mind at all.

Sago Khichdi

The taste of sago khichdi made in Indore is also very tasty and different. Which is a very popular street food here. Boiled sago is made by mixing it with many types of namkeen and chips. It is served with spices, coriander, and lemon.


This dish has a very unique name. Which is a dish available in 56 shops here. This egg dish is a combination of omelet and bun, which is liked because of the special type of sauce and the unique style of preparation. This market of new Indore is not decorated like the narrow streets of old Indore but on a wide road.

Poha Jalebi

If you didn't eat Poha-Jalebi after coming to Indore, you have missed a lot. You can eat this dish anytime from morning to afternoon. Here at every little distance, you will find this dish and it tastes the same.