Indoor Plants Tips: Make your home feel like a lush green garden with just one stick in Sawan


Grow Giloy Plant At Home: It takes a lot of effort to set up and maintain an indoor plant. Yet indoor plants sometimes do not grow well. Here we are telling about some such indoor plants, which are easily grown in the house even by applying a stick. These plants look very nice and are very low maintenance.


Giloy Bell- It is easiest to plant Giloy plant in this season. This plant is also considered auspicious, its stick and leaves are useful and it also looks very neat and clean. The vine of Giloy looks exactly like a money plant and does not have any insects on it.
How to apply Giloy Bell - Whether you buy a stick of Giloy from the market or if you are getting Giloy in someone's house, then take it from there. Plant that stick in a very small, medium or large earthen pot. Within 3-4 days, leaves will start coming out of that stick, then put a little bit of manure in that pot and then see the speed in which Giloy's vine grows. This giloy vine can be planted on the balcony, bedroom, drawing room or wherever you want, and to make it grow, put a nail or support so that the vine keeps climbing with its support.

Which stick to make a plant - Most of the plants which have died or withered during the rainy season also become green. If you want to plant one or two more plants apart from Giloy, then you can plant Bougainvillea vine. Plant only one stem of it in a pot or open space and then no need for much care. Apart from bougainvillea, hibiscus, rose twigs can also be planted in a pot or any open place during the rainy season.