Include these things in children's diet, it helps in mental growth



Rich in protein and nutrients, eggs have the power to improve the concentration and attention span of children. Egg yolk improves the functioning of the brain. Eggs help in the production of the happiness hormone 'serotonin', which keeps a child happy throughout the day.


contains ample amounts of omega-3 fats, iodine, and zinc, which are essential for brain function. Fish accelerates gray matter in the brain and also protects the brain from deterioration due to age. Studies have proved that fish eaters have more gray matter, which regulates the mood of the child and also improves his memory. Children who eat fish every week are less likely to become depressed because it contains a lot of omega-3 fats. Fish is diabetic.



Jamun contains compounds called anthocyanins, which are good for brain health. Jamun consumption increases blood flow to the brain, is anti-inflammatory, and also aids in the production of new nerve cells. Consumption of Jamun is very important for the mental development of children.


Rich in protein, unsweetened curd is very good for brain health. Yogurt contains iodine which helps the brain to function effectively. Yogurt is also packed with protein, zinc, B12, and selenium, which are important nutrients for brain development. Give your child plain yogurt with fruits and nuts for breakfast.



Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is important for a healthy brain. Consumption of oranges has benefits like better performance, improved focus, retention power, concentration, and recognition in children and they are also good decision makers. Orange also improves the skills of the child.