In summer, do something like this to control blood sugar level


Summer is a season when we all have to take more care of our health. Often there is a feeling of thirst again and again and hence people consume carbonated beverages to quench their thirst. Sometimes we also eat unhealthy processed foods, which have adverse effects on health. There is constant sweating from the body and hence there is a lack of water in the body in the scorching heat. Disturbing the level of hydration in the body also has an adverse effect on the blood sugar level and the summer season becomes a problem for the diabetic patient. That's why you should pay special attention to these tips-


Stay away from sugary juices: In the summer season one feels thirsty again and again and it is not possible to drink only water. Generally, people consume many types of sugary juices during the summer season. But here you need to understand that while drinking sugary drinks will give you temporary relief from the heat, it will not give you the nutrition that your body needs. Also, excess sugar can increase your body's blood sugar level. At the same time, juices are also devoid of fiber.

When it comes to food during the summer, diabetics especially should consume more fiberEating fiber-rich food will also keep your stomach full and will not feel hungry. Plus, fiber releases sugar slowly into the bloodstream, preventing blood glucose spikes.


When to eat seasonal fruits It is advisable to consume fruits to stay healthy. But a diabetic person should consume fruits wisely. For example, if you are eating the seasonal fruit mango, then it should be consumed in a limited quantity. Avoid eating too many mangoes in one go. In fact, mangoes contain natural sugars, which can contribute to raising blood sugar levels. However, it also contains fiber and antioxidants. You should consume more such fruits, which have more water content. At the same time, do not forget to check the GI level before eating any fruit.

Keep yourself hydrated in a healthy way It is true that it is very important to keep yourself hydrated during the summer season. But for this, your method should also be correct. For example, you should avoid consuming unhealthy beverages. Instead, always carry a water bottle with you and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. When you drink enough water, it helps to manage blood sugar levels. In addition, it also flushes out excess toxins from the bloodstream.