Immunity Boost: Massaging the body also boosts immunity, know when and how to massage..


Immunity Boost: This is the third year of the coronavirus epidemic and its third wave has shaken the world. Omicron has become the dominant version of the coronavirus. This disease is again spreading rapidly in many countries around the world and thousands of people are getting infected daily. In such a situation, it has become very important to keep your body's immune system strong. A healthy diet and regular exercise help in boosting the immune system. However, there are other ways as well which help in boosting immunity. Getting a body massage is one of the ways to improve immunity.


Benefits of massage
Massaging the body improves blood circulation, which helps in transferring nutrients and filtering metabolic wastes in the body. Massage also helps in reducing pain and stress, which negatively affect immunity. Since stress and other mental factors associated with it are reduced by massage, it helps in shaping and improving the health of the mind. Better mental health has been related to better immunity. Studies have also shown that massage also helps in increasing the number of lymphocytes (cells that help in keeping immunity strong) in the body.

What is the right time to massage for maximum benefits?
Massage can be done at any time of the day, but to get the most out of the massage it is important to do it at less busy times. Experts recommend massaging early in the morning as then you have time for it and can start your day with great energy.


Do's and Don'ts
Massage should not be done on an empty stomach as it may affect the digestive system, which lowers the blood sugar level. So if you are planning to massage early in the morning, then before that you should eat a light breakfast or fruit. However, massage should not be done even after eating a lot of food. Before massaging your body, keep these two things in mind.