If your sleep is broken again and again, then know what you should do to get good and deep sleep!


If you do not get a good sleep after a whole day's tiredness and running, then there is a lot of problems. It takes a long time for sleep to reach their eyes.

Some restless turns, some time spent on the phone, a little tussle with the pillow, even after all this, if you are not able to sleep peacefully and even if you are sleeping, then your sleep is breaking many times and even after getting up in the morning If you are feeling tired then it means that you do not know the secret of good and sound sleep.


Let us tell you what are those things which are responsible for good and deep sleep.

You probably know that diet, lifestyle and mental relaxation are very important for better sleep. If you are under any stress, then many times you are not able to sleep well. Along with this, for good sleep, it is important that you eat food 2-3 hours before sleeping so that you can sleep comfortably.

Another thing that is important for sleep is that if you wash your hands and feet before sleeping, then you will sleep well and easily. By the way, there are many other reasons along with this that affect your sleep. What kind of clothes you are wearing in which season also affects your sleep. This has also been proved in research.


Sleep in clothes that can regulate your body temperature better, so you will be able to sleep easily. This is called the thermal comfort zone. There is also a reason behind this that when it is cold at night, such clothes keep the body temperature in balance and you are able to sleep deeply and soundly.

This is a very small change that can help you to sleep better. In today's time, where people are longing for a restful deep sleep due to different reasons, in such a situation, if you see this small change, then it can be of great benefit to you.