If you want to please Shani Dev, then do these measures on this day.


Shani Dev is said to be the god of actions and he also gives fruits according to the deeds. It is believed that if Shani Dev becomes pleased, then you become a partner of his grace, and happiness comes in life. 

On the other hand, if Shani Dev gets angry, then the person may have to face his wrath. Therefore, worship of Lord Shani Dev must be done on Saturday. Also, do some such measures on this day, which will please Shani Dev. 

On Saturday, go to the Shani temple and light a mustard oil lamp, and do not forget to put black sesame in this lamp. 

While worshiping Shani Dev, do Shani Chalisa and Shani Aarti. Only after this, your worship is completed. 

On Saturday, wrap raw yarn around the Peepal tree seven times and chant Shani Mantra while wrapping the yarn. Also, light a lamp. 

Donate to the poor and needy on Saturday. Try to distribute urad dal kachoris to the poor on this day. 

Bring a black horseshoe from somewhere and get its ring made. Then keep that ring soaked in raw milk on Friday night and wear it on Saturday. 

The black cow is also worshiped on Saturday and Shani Dev is pleased with this and showers special blessings on his natives. 

Soak black gram in water on Friday night and then on Saturday take that black gram, burnt coal, turmeric, and a piece of iron and tie them together in a black cloth. Throw the bundle in the running water, but pay attention that the bundle you are throwing in the pond contains fishes.