If you want to enable SBI contactless debit card then follow these easy steps!


If you have an SBI Contactless Debit Card, you are free from the regular hassles faced by the customer. You can pay at various locations as well as make cash withdrawals not only from India but also from different countries across the world. For those unaware, the SBI Contactless Debit Card has a smart chip for added security.


Important information about SBI Contactless Debit Card

SBI Contactless Debit Card can be used to wave electronically only near PoS terminals. It is no longer required for the users to insert or swipe the debit card at the POS terminal. However, customers should ensure that they carry the SBI Contactless Debit Card with them whenever they need to transact. Users can make transactions up to Rs 5000 on the NFC terminal. A maximum of five contactless transactions can be done without a PIN on a typical day.

To activate contactless transactions on your card, you can simply send an SMS or apply through SBI's website. SMS 'SWON NFC CCCCC' to 09223966666 or through the SBI website. CCCCC means your card has 5 digits.


If you are an SBI net banking user, follow the steps to enable SBI Contactless Debit Card

Step 1: https://www.onlinesbi.com. Use your ID and Password to log in.

Step 2: Choose Menu

Step 3: Select Account Number > Select Card Number > Select Services

Step 4: Change Usage Type > NFC Usage.

Step 5: Enable and then click on Submit

If you use YONO SBI mobile app, follow the steps to enable SBI contactless debit card

Step 1: Use your User ID and Password to log in

Step 2: Go to Menu > Services > Manage NFC.

Step 3: Select Debit Card > Card Number

Step 4: Enable/Disable NFC

Step 5: Submit NFC.