If you have given birth to the first child, then take care of him like this


Women who are becoming mothers for the first time must know these 5 things 


1. Special attention has to be taken to the food of the baby.

When the baby is small, it is advised to feed or breastfeed only. According to doctors, the baby should be exclusively breastfed for 6 months, only after that, it should be gradually introduced to solid foods. In the early stages of the baby, only breast milk is effective to provide nutrition to them and strengthen their immunity. Not only this, but the quality of mother's milk also depends on the mother's diet. The better your diet, the better will be the quality of your milk. So eat a diet rich in nutrients, and drink enough water. Consult your doctor before introducing solids to babies.

2. Don't be in a hurry

to breastfeed the baby Many times mothers feel uncomfortable while breastfeeding the baby. In this situation, they rush to breastfeed the baby, because many times the position is very uncomfortable for the mothers and sometimes they are unable to breastfeed the baby even in the right position. But doing so is not good for both mother and child. During this time the baby is not able to drink milk properly. So try to be comfortable while feeding the baby and breastfeed in the right position. If you want, you can also listen to music during this time, it will make you feel comfortable.


3. Breastfeeding is also good for health

Mother's milk is very important for the health of the child. But as much as breastfeeding is beneficial for the baby, it is equally beneficial for lactating mothers. Breastfeeding the baby gets rid of many health problems. Along with this, the body of the mother also gets rest. In this, how you are breastfeeding the baby or in which position you are breastfeeding, also plays an important role. Breastfeed your baby in a position that is comfortable for both the baby and the mother. You can also consult your doctor about this.

4. Hold Your Baby Properly While Breastfeeding 

How you hold your baby while you are breastfeeding is very important. Sometimes your baby can be affected by your tightness or by too much pressure. You can hold your baby in different positions to breastfeed, such as lying side by side, holding him like a football, cradle hold, and cross-over hold. In this way, there is no problem in drinking milk by breastfeeding the child, as well as women also do not feel pain in the breasts during breastfeeding. That's why it's so important to know the right way to hold the baby.

5. It is not necessary that milk comes after the birth of the child

Many times it happens that after giving birth to the child, milk does not come out from the breasts of some women. Women become very worried and stressed about this matter. But it's perfectly normal for this to happen, and it usually doesn't cause any harm. Unless it is associated with a medical condition. It is not necessary that all women should have milk from their breasts after giving birth. It also depends on how your delivery has been done, for example, if a woman has a normal delivery, she is ready for breastfeeding after some time, while women who have a cesarean delivery will breastfeed the baby. It may take some time to get done. There is nothing to panic or worry about.