If you buy it this way, the mango will turn out to be sweet like sugar, click here to know the best tips for choosing Mango!


Not only grapes, but every fruit tastes sour when it comes to the king of fruits mango, people love to eat juicy and sweet mangoes. But many times it happens that the mango which looks yellow from the outside is also sour from the inside. In such a situation, your mood gets spoiled as well as money is also wasted. Many people have a question that how should we buy mangoes so that we can buy the best quality sweet mangoes? So let's remove this problem of yours today and tell you some such ways to buy mango (How to buy sweet mango) by which you will bring perfect mango home.


Ways to choose a sweet mango

- To identify a sweet mango, you just touch it. If it gets stuck inside with a finger, then understand that the mango is ripe, if you have to work hard to press it, then this mango is raw.

Apart from this, you can also identify ripe mango by smelling it. If you do not smell any kind of chemical, alcohol, or medicine and you get a sweet smell, then understand that the mango is ripe because most of the chemicals added to the mango, are not natural and are not good for health.

Mango should always be smelled with a dry stick near the stem, if you smell sweet pineapple or melon from here, then it means that it is ripe and the taste is sweet.

If mangoes are puffed and medium in size then they are ripe.

Generally, thin and pitted mangoes are not sweet and are as sour as they are raw.

Buy it according to the variety of mango as atolfo mangoes are slightly wrinkled and soft. Apart from this, Francis mangoes look light green after-ripening and it is like the S shape of English. Hayden is generally yellow in color and white patches are seen. They are slightly oval and circular.


Never make this mistake

While buying mango, never buy mangoes with streaks or wrinkles, because they get spoiled quickly. At the same time, crooked-shaped mangoes are also cooked with chemicals, we should avoid buying them. Mangoes that are very suppressed and dark in color should also not be bought as they rot very quickly.

Do not keep mangoes in

the fridge According to a report by USDA, mangoes should not be kept in the refrigerator, as they are very sensitive to cold. It is best to keep it on a common quorum temperer. Antioxidants remain active in mango at normal temperature and it benefits our health in many ways. Taj mangoes can be kept at room temperature for 5-8 days.