If you buy a bottle of water for Rs 20, what is its original cost? Click here to know!


Often you will also buy bottled water while traveling and you pay 20 rupees for a liter of water, but do you know what is the actual value of the water for which you are paying so much?

The demand for bottled water is increasing continuously in the country because people are considering it safe and are paying money for the free water available in this affair.

Water bottles are of different brands and accordingly their price is also different. Usually, one liter of bottled water is available for 20 rupees. It is about 10 thousand times more expensive than tap water. According to experts, the price we pay for half a liter of bottled water is comparable to the cost of daily household chores like cooking, washing dishes, and bathing. Let us tell you that after all, how does bottled water become so expensive?


Cost of a plastic bottle (after buying in bulk) - 80 paise

Water cost (one litre) - Rs 1.2

Cost of passing water through various processes - Rs.3.40 /bottle

Extra Expense – Re 1

Total cost- 6 rupees 40 paise

That is, for about Rs 7 we are spending 20 or more. Are we getting safe water despite paying so much money? Most organizations doing research on the environment believe that taking an expensive brand of water does not mean that it is 100% pure. In 2007, at a public meeting, the CEO of PepsiCo said that one of its brands, Aquafina, is nothing but tap water. After this, there were a lot of ruckuses that got cold with time.

The condition of our country is also not good. In 2014-15, the Government of India conducted a survey on bottled water, in which 806 samples were taken, of which more than half of the samples were of poor quality. There are many types of bottled or processed water available in the market. These can be put into three categories.

Purified water-

This is tap water that is purified by going through several processes. This includes both carbon filtration and reverses osmosis. However, most of the minerals are removed in this process.


Distilled water-

Most of the minerals come out in this too. These are better for use in small appliances.

Spring water-

Any water, whether it is treated or not, falls under the category of spring water. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, lack of minerals and many problems are common in this too. Purified and distilled water may sound like the healthiest and purest form of water, but it is not necessarily true.