If you are also going somewhere trekking during the monsoon then definitely keep these things in min


1. Keep drinking water with you while trekking in the rain. You should have a water bottle with you even if it is raining and water sources are visible. The water outside may be contaminated, in which case your health may deteriorate and the enjoyment of your trip may be spoiled.

2 It is very important to have a scheduled time for trekking in the monsoon. Do not trek at night and in very heavy raining water. There should be visibility in tracking which is less in these conditions.


3 Good grip shoes are a must for trekking this season. There is slippery mud and moss on the mountains at this time, as well as sometimes you have to cross small rivers and streams, so it becomes necessary to hold on to the ground.

4 If you are going trekking in the rain, instead of wearing fancy clothes, wear clothes in which your movement is good and in essence, it should also be stretchable. You don't even have to have a good raincoat.

5 You should have important items like first aid, rope, torch, waterproof tent as well as numbers to be used in emergency situations.

6 There is greenery in the mountains in this season, so before setting foot or taking a rest, check the place well, any animal can be there. For this, keep a long stick with you.


7 Stay away from joking and taking selfies while climbing and descending the mountains. Choose a place for all these which is completely safe. At this time the soil slips and there is a sudden flow of water on the mountains. In such a situation, a small mistake can cost you heavily.