If you apply perfume in these places, the fragrance will come for a long time!


We all have noticed that whenever we go to an expensive party or function, there is a lot of fragrance or perfume from the people around us.

Often we think that maybe their perfume will be of some expensive brand, whereas the truth is that they should apply perfume on which part of their body, from where people know more smell.

If you also have the knowledge of this, then people are attracted to you by your fragrance, but if perfume is not applied in the right place and in the right way, then you can apply as much expensive perfume as you want, it will not be of any use. So today we will tell you which parts of the body to spray perfume on so that its fragrance remains for a long time and people are attracted to you at party weddings –



About this pulse point, almost all of us must have seen in the TV ad, how all the models definitely apply perfume on their necks. This area is actually called pulse point because the fragrance here lasts longer than in other organs.

Inside elbow

If you too are tired of putting perfume on your clothes to smell every hour, then now you should change your approach. It is better to apply perfume every 2 hours than to apply it in a place where you will not have to reapply it again, and the best place for this is inside the elbow. Actually, there is a pulse or nerves near the skin inside the elbow. Therefore, by spraying perfume on this part, the fragrance remains for a long time.


The chest is such a place where the fragrance of perfume easily reaches the people in front. But, keep in mind that always apply perfume on the chest from a distance of 6 to 9 inches.



The wrist is given a lot of importance in the world of perfume, even if any person tests it, then puts it on his wrist, the reason behind this is the many blood vessels present on our wrist. By applying perfume at this place, the fragrance not only stays for a long time but also spreads more.