If you also worship Hanuman ji at home, then always take care of these 5 things


In Hinduism, Tuesdays and Saturday of the week are dedicated to Bajrangbali. In such a situation, many people worship Hanuman Ji these days. Hanuman Ji is known to solve people's problems and protect them in bad times. This is the reason why devotees take their wishes and problems and bow their heads at his feet. By the way, some people go to the temple to worship Hanuman ji, and due to not getting some time, they worship at home.

If you are also one of those people who worship Hanuman ji at home, then this article is especially for you. Worshiping Hanuman Ji is also a responsible task. In such a situation, you have to take care of many rules and regulations. If you make any mistake during worship then Hanuman ji may get angry and your worship may get spoiled. If you do not make such a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, so today we are going to tell you some such things, which you should take care of during Hanuman Puja.

Keep these things in mind during Hanuman Puja

1. Whenever you do aarti during Hanuman Puja, always light oil lamp. Ghee lamp is not offered to Hanuman ji. They love oil. Therefore, before performing the aarti, one must light an oil lamp in front of them in the morning and evening. Although you can use any oil, but it is said that you get more benefit by applying mustard oil lamp. Also, when you apply incense sticks to Hanuman ji, then apply even numbers such as two, four, six, eight etc. in figures only. Do not put in odd numbers like one, three, five.


2. Hanuman Chalisa has more importance in Hanuman Puja. Therefore, if you try that whenever you worship Bajrangbali, then definitely recite Hanuman Chalisa.

3. Hanuman ji likes a calm environment. In such a situation, take care that whenever you are worshiping him, there is no noise or fight in your house. This spreads negative energy which Hanuman ji does not like.

4. The person who is worshiping Hanuman ji, his mind should be calm and clear. Worshiping in a disturbed mind, or angry mood does not yield results.

5. After worshiping Hanuman, do not forget to put vermilion on him. Sindoor is the favorite of Hanuman ji. If you want, you can also put a vermilion stick on your forehead after worship. This will make your day better.