If you also keep Gangajal in the house, then do not make these mistakes, there is a huge loss


Gangajal is considered very sacred in Hinduism. It is said about Gangajal that even if it is kept in the house, it does not spoil for years. It is used in religious works. It is said that keeping Ganges water inside the house purifies the house. Keeping Gangajal inside the house removes the negative energy present inside the house but you should also know the right way to keep it.


Keep these things in mind while keeping Gangajal in the house

1. Always keep Gangajal at a clean place. No unclean things should be kept around it. The place where Gangajal is kept should be cleaned regularly.

2. Gangajal should be kept in a vessel made of pure metal. If you keep Gangajal in a copper or silver vessel then it is considered best. It should never be kept in a plastic bottle.

3. Gangajal should never be touched with dirty hands. Always touch the Ganges water only after washing your hands.

4. If you are using Gangajal, then definitely do meditation of Ganga Maa during that time.


5. Gangajal should always be kept in the northeast. It is always auspicious to keep the water of holy rivers in the northeast.

6. Never keep Gangajal in the dark. There must be a dim light there even at night.