If you also have an eye problem then using this vegetable can be helpful


Eye problems have become common in today's time. Because the screen of mobile phones and laptops has started causing problems in the eyes throughout the day. But today we are going to tell you about such a thing, whose daily consumption will get rid of your eye problems. For your information, we are talking about capsicum which everyone eats. Let us tell you that it is also a prison for problems like cataracts.

Everyone knows capsicum. Many people must be eating it too. But very few people know about its benefits. 

Lutein and zeaxanthin, two natural compounds found in capsicum, are beneficial for the eyes. Both of these compounds are excellent antioxidants and are very important for eye health, but unfortunately, they are not made in our bodies.

Besides capsicum, there are many other fruits and vegetables that contain both of these antioxidants. But, the specialty of capsicum is that it is also low in calories and light and rich in many vitamins and most importantly, diabetics can also enjoy it.


 Since diabetes is one of the main causes of these eye problems (cataract and macular degeneration), capsicum is a great option.