If a snake has come out in the house during the rainy season, then remove it out of the house like this


Take this remedy when the snake comes out at home

1. To drive away the snake, first of all, call a snake catcher and wait for his arrival. Till then keep an eye on the snake.

2. If snakes come out of your house, then sprinkle kerosene or phenyl around the house, because snakes come out of the house due to its foul smell.

3. If a snake comes out in the house, then burn a candle and smoke it in the whole house, because snakes run away after seeing the smoke. You can also inhale the smoke of chili or neem leaves.

4. If the snake is small and you want to remove it from the house, then take a big stick and when the snake comes on this pole, then immediately grab the pole from a distance and throw it out.


Keep snakes away from the house like this

1. Snakes eat rats and frogs, so don't let rats and frogs come near you and in your house.

2. Do not put a pile of garbage in front of or around your house, as a lot of garbage can give a good place for the snake to live.

3. Cover all open drains and, if possible, put a wire gauge or trap at the mouth of the drain. During the rainy season, water snakes come through the drain.

4. Whenever you are going out of your house, first light a torch or outside light and then go out.

5. Usually a small space is left between the door and the floor which is enough for snakes to enter your house. In such a situation, turn it off in the rain.


What to do if you see a snake in the house?

1. If a snake enters your house, do not panic. Keep a safe distance from it.

2. Don't try to attack or kill him. If you try to attack, it can harm you in self-defense.

3. Keep a safe distance, keep an eye on him, watch his movements and ask someone else to call the snake catcher.

4. Let the snake escape on its own, don't try to surround it. Open the window or door, from where he can escape on his own.

5. If a snake has accidentally entered your car or any other vehicle, leave it there and call a snake remover.