IAS officers get this much salary even after retirement! Click here to know the facts related to them


Everyone likes a government job. After all, the facilities of the world are available in a government job. Everyone wants that if I get a government job, then it ensures a job security. Although there are many types of government jobs, in fact we are talking about the category of government jobs, yes, in many types of government jobs, A grade B grade C grade and D grade are the main categories under which government jobs are divided. The highest level government job is that of an IAS officer. Which comes in category A.


Let us tell you that lakhs of people take part in UPSC exam every year to become an IAS officer. But only 800-900 people are successful. It is one of the most complex examinations in the country and it is the only way to get into the Civil Services. However, do you know what facilities are given to an IAS officer after retirement, so let us tell you about it today.

Lifelong pension

Actually, IAS officers get pension for life after retirement. But for this, 10% of their salary keeps getting deducted, while the government keeps adding 14% to it. Then after retirement, pension is given to them out of this money.


Jobs in other government departments

At the same time, after retirement, IAS officers can get jobs in other areas as well. Like governor, lieutenant governor, CAG, CEC, UPSC, CIC, various commissions, tribunals, public sector boards, etc. are appointed on posts. However, it will depend on the officers whether they want to work again after retirement or not. If they are interested, then some post is given to them by the government somewhere.

It is worth noting that the job of an IAS officer is very difficult. For this reason, when he does his work, he also has enmity with some people. If an IAS officer is feeling threatened after retirement, then he gets protection from the government. To protect them from the coming dangers, the government gives them security.