How to use coconut shell: - A coconut shell is a very useful thing, instead of throwing it, use it like this


We throw some things as useless but it is wrong to do so. We do the same thing with the coconut shell. Whether it is a coconut with the kernel or one with water, we consider the shell useless by taking out the water and the kernel. That's why today we will tell you how coconut shells can be used. Nothing will have to be thrown from this and at the same time, your expenses will also be cut. Let us know about 3 ways to use coconut shells. 

Make a pot with a coconut shell

Nowadays everyone likes to plant plants at home. In such a situation, you can save money by using coconut shells as a pot. For this, you have to cut the coconut into 2 equal parts. After taking out the kernels from both the equal parts of the coconut, you can use your empty coconut shell as a pot. Coconut is small in size, so you can keep it anywhere indoors or outdoors. It can be decorated by placing it on the ground or hanging as a hanging planter. To make a hanging planter out of coconut shell, you have to hang it between three ropes. Water coconut can also be used as a pot. 

Give water to birds in a coconut shell

Many people keep water and food for the birds outside the house or on the terrace. Instead of bringing birds' food and water utensils from the market, you can use coconut shells. Cut the coconut from the middle into 2 equal parts and take out the kernel after that you can serve food or water to the birds in it. You can also place the shell between 2 stones to ensure that the coconut shell does not fall while the birds drink water. 

Make pan stand 

Often the PAN is lost due to careless placing of the PAN anywhere in the house. Coconut shells can help you a lot in avoiding this problem. Cut the coconut shell from the top and make a hole and now stick it on a board. By doing this your pan stand will be ready and will not fall. You can fill any colour on it to give it a nice look. 

We can save a lot by using a few things that are available at home. You can also use the coconut shell in some way or the other instead of throwing it away. How did you like these tips? Do let us know in the comment section of Facebook. 

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