How to hide a double chin: - If you are troubled by a double chin then these makeup tips will help you


Do you see your double chin when you open the camera? But you are not alone. Often people do different types of exercises for this. But do you know that with the help of makeup you can hide a double chin? Makeup is such an art, which if used properly, enhances the beauty of the face even more. Just for this, you have to follow some makeup tips. 

Start at the jawline

To hide the double chin, first of all, the right product should be chosen. First, contour just below the chin. Make triangles on both sides. Blend downward for subtle shadows. But while doing the contour, keep in mind that your face and chin should not be seen separately. In this case, you should blend the contour to your ears. If you want, you can also contour the neck. This will make your face, chin and neck look alike. 

Use bronzer

When it comes to hiding a double chin, you should pay special attention to the texture of the bronzer because it can spoil your entire makeup. For this use matte textured bronzer only. It is easy to blend. Creamy bronzers are great too. 

Correct shade is essential

Using the right shade is extremely important. Otherwise, double chin can be triple. Buy a shade that is two shades darker than your skin tone. Liquid shade is also a good option. Whenever you buy a shade, keep in mind that the light should not be too much because in such a situation it is difficult to identify the right shade. 

Hide double chin with lipstick

Do you know that you can hide a double chin even with lipstick? But yes if you use the right lipstick shade then it will make a difference. Choose darker shades. Like red, brown and maroon. This shifts the focus to the lips instead of your chin.

Keep these things in mind 

  • Shimmery bronzer highlights the double chin. So don't forget to use it. 
  • You should also contour your neck. So that your features look the same. 
  • Bronzer should always be blended to the ears. Otherwise, the double chin will be more visible. 

Image Credit: Freepik.Com


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